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Dainese, E., 2018, The Construction of the Charter of ‘Habitat’: From the Functional City to the African Village / La Costruzione della Carta dell’Habitat: Dalla Città Funzionale al Villaggio Africano, Rome: Bruno Zevi Foundation (short book in English/Italian).


Dainese, E., Staničić, A., 2020 (expected), War Diaries: Design after the Destruction of Art and Architecture, University of Virginia Press.


Dainese, E., 2019, “From the Charter of Athens to the ‘Habitat’: CIAM 9 and the African Grids” Journal of Architecture, vol. 24 no.3, (June 2019), 301-324 (ISNN: 1360-2365, DOI: 10.1080/13602365.2019.1606025) View the article

Dainese, E., Nolan, G., Norwood, B., 2019, “Architecture Unbound”, e-flux Architecture Series, special issue, Theory’s Curriculum. View the publication

Dainese, E., 2017, “Ghana” in Carughi U., Visone M. (eds.), Time Frames, Conservation Policies for Twentieth Century Architectural Heritage, Routledge, London, UK, 53-55 (ISBN Hardback: 978-1472489296, Ebook: 978-1472489302)

Dainese, E., 2016, “Investigating the African City: Rem Koolhaas, Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, and Others,” in Corser R., Haar S. (eds.), Shaping New Knowledges, ACSA Press, NY, 210-17 (ISBN: 978-1-944214-03-6)

Dainese, E., 2015, “Histories of Exchange: Indigenous South Africa in the South African Architectural Record and the Architectural Review” in Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Special Issue on Global Postwar Architecture, vol.74 no.4, (Dec 2015), 443-463 (ISSN 0037-9808) View the pdf     Abstract

Dainese, E., 2015, “Le Corbusier’s Proposal for the Capital of Ethiopia” in Torres Cueco J. (ed.), LC2015: Le Corbusier 50 Years Later, UPV Press, Valencia, 502-516 (ISBN: 978-84-9048-373-2)

Dainese, E., 2015, “Great Mosque of Djenné” in Smarthistory, August 9, 2015.  View the webpage   Abstract

Dainese, E., 2014, “A New Lesson from the Territory of Bandiagara, Mali: the Dogon Landscape Transformation of the Cliff” in Cavallo R., Komossa S., Marzot N., Berghauser Pont M., Kuijper J. (eds.), “New Urban Configurations”, IOS Press – Delft University Press, Amsterdam, 897-903 (ISBN: 978-1-61499-365-0) View the pdf     Abstract

Dainese, E., 2013, “Principi Insiediativi Accrescitivi e ‘Architettura senza Architetti’ : Esempi Africani” in De Matteis M., Marin A., Nuove Qualità del Vivere in Periferia, Edicom Edizioni, Gorizia, 79-85 (ISBN: 978-88-96386-30-9) View the pdf

Dainese, E., 2013, “Le Corbusier, Marcel Griaule, and the Modern Movement: Exploring the Habitat from the Airplane” in Morello E., Piga E. A. B. (eds.), EAEA11 2013. Envisioning Architecture: Design, Evaluation, Communication, Edizioni Nuova Cultura, Roma, 413-418 (ISBN: 978-88-6812-136-5) View the pdf

Dainese, E., 2013, “The Concept of “Habitat”: the Cellular Design Reformulation of the Postwar Modern Movement” in Newman C., Nussaume Y., Pedroli B. (eds.), Landscape and Imagination. Towards a New Baseline for Education in a Changing World, UNISCAPE, Florence, Bandecchi & Vivaldi, Pontedera, 51-54 (ISBN 978-88-8341-548-7) View the pdf

Dainese, E., 2013, “Learning from Africa: New Considerations on the Dogon Relationship with Landscape” in Albrecht B., Africa Sustainable Future, editore Università Iuav di Venezia, Venezia, 30-43 (ISBN 978-88­87697-93­3) View the pdf

Dainese, E., 2012, “Barriere Verdi: Infrastrutture Vegetali”, in Ferlenga A., Biraghi M., Albrecht B., Catalogo della Mostra Internazionale Triennale d’Architettura Milano, October 10th, 2012 – January 20th, 2013, Editrice Compositori, Bologna, 329-31 (ISBN 978-88-7794-784-0) View the pdf