H+U+D Initiative

H+U+D Initiative : Lectures

“The African connection in architecture: the intellectual bridge to Europe and the USA”, Humanities+Urbanism+Design Initiative, Mellon Foundation 2013-2018, University of Pennsylvania (Penn Design, Penn IUR and Penn Arts&Sciences), 2013 (18th Oct)

About the Initiative

The Humanities + Urbanism + Design Initiative promotes integrated knowledge of 21st century urbanism across humanities and design disciplines at Penn. Thanks to a generous award from the Andrew Mellon Foundation faculty and students can explore the creation of culturally rich and satisfying, environmentally sustainable and resilient, socially just and healthy places for present and future city dwellers. The initiative is a ground-breaking five-year collaboration by the School of Design, School of Arts and Sciences, and Penn Institute for Urban Research that brings together students and faculty to explore cities — past, present and future — examining them at the intersection of the humanities and design disciplines and sharing research through teaching, conference participation, and publication.

This activity was part of Afrobridge, a research supported by a Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship within the 7th European Community Framework Programme